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reading the traces from Nicole Wendel on Vimeo.



07:07 min

Goethe Institut Paris, 27.03.2015 (original: 40min)

The artist walks in ongoing circles over a blackboard that is lying on the floor. She holds in her hand an arm lengthening bar with white chalk on its end. During the movement of walking she is drawing and leaving traces at the same time. Line by line, followed by footprints, the result is becoming a kind of cartography that gets visible even in the space outside of the board.
The acoustic juxtaposition of an abstract composition for a piano creates an additional space that influences the perception of the performer and the audience. The pauses between the piano tones are becoming essential units, that multiply the focus on the moment, on the happening, on the space and time.

Sound: Yohei Yamakado
Camera: Raphaël Rueb
Editing: Olaf Schulz

  © nicole wendel